Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy #FRIDAY! Oh wait...never's, ugh, Monday...

Have you ever wondered why you love Fridays so much? Because you wake up telling yourself it's going to be a good day! we are - a Monday after a time change to boot. How are you feeling??? Need help changing your mind? 

Look at your environment, emotions and influences. The human body and mind is largely influenced by the messages and feelings put out by the person in control of that mind.

If you tell yourself negative messages, your body and mind responds to that and like it or not, your actions are determined by your thoughts. 

Start by applying these tips:

*Make every day a brand new start, you can't change the past but you sure can learn from it.
*Smile! Yes, even when no ones around. You'll feel silly at first but that's ok, Happy people are infectious.
*Be in charge of the person you want to be! #girlieboss rules apply here! πŸ˜‰
*Stop comparing yourself to others, their situation is different to yours.
*Start every week prepared for a successful week so that every choice you make takes you one step closer toward your goals. Who prepped their week out?
*Find the positives of where you are right now in this given time. What has this taught you?
*Be grateful for the lessons you've learned, they've made you the wonderful person you are.

How's your inner strength? Are you working on personal development?? 

Strength is seen on the outside, but built on the inside. If you are looking for more personal development and need help, join my PODSQUAD for personal development!  It is FREE and I would love to have you!  These are the details:

1. It works like a book club ONLY better because podcasts are FREE!
2. Each week I'll list 1 podcast we should listen to each week as as the general topic.
3. Podcast will be assigned on Monday's
4. After listening to the podcast, stop by again and share any actionable steps that you plan to take AFTER listening to the podcast. Or simply leave your feedback. OR just be a lookylou and read opinions of others.
1. NO soliciting!!
2. No offering your opinion UNLESS you've listened to the podcast.
3. Don't be rude!!! Differences of opinions are A-OKAY!!
4. No off topic discussion.


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