Thursday, March 2, 2017

Get that sleep, #girlieboss!

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Did you wake up feeling sluggish?? Most of us can agree, we could all use more sleep. Check out some ideas below to wake up feeling refreshed!! As always, if you have any questions - connect with me on Facebook!  I'd love to help!

1. Drink Tea
Herbal tea can help you relax before bedtime.

2. Read A Book
Meander your way through a favorite book to help power down from a hectic day.

3. Put Away The IPad
The Blue light from the tech devices tricks your mind into thinking it's day, so turn off gadgets 30 minutes before you need to go to sleep.

4. Stretch It Out
Stretching relieves aches, but it can also calm you and prep you for sleep.

5. Meditate
Clearing your mind allows you to drift off to sleep.

6. Hide The Light
Electronics, alarm clocks, street lamps - all of these can prevent deep sleep. Cover up anything that's contributing to light pollution.

7. Take A Warm Shower
A warm bath or shower can soothe muscles; it's also great if you're suffering from a cold or allergies.

8. Exercise
Expend your energy for the day with exercise, and you'll be ready to drift off to sleep as soon as you hit the hay.

9. Eat An Earlier Dinner
Going to sleep with a full stomach can make lying down uncomfortable. Go with an earlier, lighter dinner.

10. De-Stress
Worrying keeps you up; learn to take time out to de-stress - both during the day and before bed - to clear your mind.

11. Put Away The Wine
Nightcaps equal restless sleep.

12. Do Yoga
Besides the stress releasing stretch, yoga helps relax the mind.

13. Don't Nap
Restless sleep makes you want to nap during the day, but it may be just whats keeping you from catching nightly z's.

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