Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Got ink? #tattoos

Do you have tattoos? I got my first one only about a year ago with Darren! I love my tattoo & the meaning behind it!! I got a grey ribbon on my wrist for brain cancer awareness. Darren also has the grey ribbon for #braincancer with #winning in it.  So, it got me thinking...who else has one and what's the story behind it? Do you love yours? How many do you have? 

Here is some total entertainment I found online. It states where you have your tattoo shows a lot about you. Tell me if its true for you! ๐Ÿ˜‰
If your tattoo is on your:
1. Forearm - shows your toughness and strength. As well as conveying your emotions in a macho way.
2. Ankle - you are demure but have a wild streak that you like to keep hidden.
3. Neck - you are very bold and like to take risks
4. Lower back - you are very mysterious and like to play coy.
5. Chest - because of its proximity to the heart, you are full of love and devotion
6. Wrist - you are subtle and delicate!
7. Face - you are a total badass, #girlieboss

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