Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What my body has taught me...

My body has taught me

I am stronger than I realize 

And more fragile than I like.

I can endure pain with courage

And be reduced to tears by a virus.

I am marvelous, miraculous, mysterious.

My body has its own deep intelligence.

I carry my memories in my cells.

I am constantly being born anew.

I hold tight to fear and resistance.

I breathe deeply, and let go.

My legs will carry me farther than I think I can walk.

My heart will keep beating even when it's broken.

My mouth will kiss, laugh, drink tea and eat chocolate.

My skin will shiver with pleasure.

My bones will tell the weather.

My feet will find the path.

My hands will soothe a crying child.

And write a story that will make you cry.

And pour you a glass of wine.

And brush your hair.

And stroke your cheek.

And hold your hand.

My body will chop wood.

And carry water.

My body understands the wisdom of rest.

The beauty of stillness.

The power of touch.

The importance of dance.

And that there is only this. Here. Now.

My body understands joy, delight and play.

My body knows what I'm hungry for.

My body has taught me to pay attention to my desires.

To listen to my gut.

To trust my appetites.

My body has taught me I am human.

I am here.

I am beautiful.

I am powerful.

I am brave.

I am scared.

I am alive.

And I am grateful.
~Marianne Elliot

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