Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why you need to eat breakfast!

Let's talk about breakfast. I ❤️ breakfast!! How many of you eat breakfast? 
Studies show that eating a HEALTHY breakfast (as opposed to the kinds that include donuts ) is linked to many health benefits, including weight loss. You may have heard the weight loss tip before but how about the others?

Did you know:
1. Eating breakfast can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes? Very simply put, people who skip breakfast experience insulin resistance, a condition in which you need more insulin to bring your blood sugar into a normal range. Chronic insulin resistance is a major risk factor for diabetes.
2. Improved memory! Giving the nutrients that your body and brain need is important for memory. Increasing the nutrient intake provide your brain and neurotransmitters all the elements needed to properly function.
3. Heart health. Studies show that those who skip breakfast have a higher risk of a heart attack or coronary disease! Experts say that not eating breakfast will lead to a greater chance of eating MORE calories later which can not only spike your blood sugar but clog your arteries.
4. Lose weight! If you skip breakfast, your body is in starvation mode - and conserves your calories, storing them instead of allowing them to burn. Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism and gets the digestion moving! "Fun" fact: sumo wrestlers typically skip breakfast for this very reason! They don't want to kick start their metabolism but rather want it stored. Who knew??

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