Friday, February 24, 2017

How to choose happiness...

Are you feeling stressed and worn down this time of year? Sometimes in the midst of the winter blahs (at least in Michigan! ;) , it can be tough to feel brighter, cheerier, and in a better mood.

Remember this, YOU are enough. Not the gifts or the food you prepare. Love your family and friends - cherish them. They love YOU not your gift or your food.

10 ways happy people choose happiness:

1. Be the best that YOU can be. Don't compare yourself to anyone else.

2. Be around like-minded people. Those that support you for being YOU.

3. Focus on what you have - not what you don't. Appreciate the many things you do have! There is value in gratefulness!

4. Have a good attitude. Life is a journey, every moment is a gift. Enjoy it.

5. Smile often. A genuine smile makes you feel better and those around you!

6. Take care of your body. Studies show physical exercise give you a higher sense of self worth and accomplishment!

7. Be honest. Don't cheat. Be faithful. Be kind. Do the right thing!

8. Help others if you are able. Care about people! If you make a positive impact on others life; you will feel that positivity back on you!

9. Let go when you should. Be strong for yourself. Decide what is best for you and do it!

10. Embrace the next step in your life. You can hold on to the past or you can create your happiness for today!

What will you choose? Who will you choose to be?  Have questions or need help?  Connect with me on Facebook!

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