Friday, February 3, 2017

How Fitness is like MARRIAGE!

How marriage is like fitness.

1. DON'T COMPARE. Your marriage, just like your fitness, is yours alone. Don't compare other couples behavior to your day to day marriage. Same thing with running – you don't know where they're coming from or how hard they've worked to get there.

2. MAKE IT A PRIORITY. Life gets busy. People have jobs, kids, activities…. Just like it's easy to wake up one day and realize you haven't worked out in weeks, it's just as easy to wake up one day and realize you know longer know your spouse. Regular date nights, trips together, and even working out together occasionally can help you keep the connection alive. Darren and I work out together at least once a week!! It's always my favorite workout.

3. MARRY SOMEONE YOU LIKE. That sounds kind of like "DUH", but marrying someone you flat out enjoy being with will go a long way during the hard times. Same thing goes with exercise. If you hate running, you aren't going to do it. You need to find something you LOVE, or at least don't hate!

4. REALIZE THAT THE BAD DAYS ARE JUST THAT - A BAD DAY. If your marriage is strong and you've worked hard to stay close to your spouse, most bad days (or even phases) can be worked through. And a lot of times they are indicative of nothing important. Workouts are the same way. We've all had bad workouts where we want to give up or where a run seems so hard for the pace we are running. But we don't stop, we try again, and chances are, the next run or workout will be your best.

5. KEEP TRYING NEW THINGS. Have adventures together. Learn together. Just like fitness, sometimes you need to shake things up a bit. And remember, it's as much about the journey as the goals. Embrace every moment and enjoy the ride.

I just posted a short video today on STAYING ON TRACK over the weekend -- even with Superbowl Sunday!  CHECK it out HERE!  Be sure to drop a note and say hi, too!!  Have a great weekend!!!

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