Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Gettin' back on track....🚂

We come to you with this podcast right before Thanksgiving...BUT the message is for you at ANY time!  So, please, listen -- and depending on the time of year that you are listening, know that the message is for any time of the year; not just around the holidays.

So, let's get real. How many of you slip after a holiday, or a weekend, or a birthday, or WHAT-HAVE-YOU...and then, you almost completely derail and think, "I'll just get back on track on Monday?".   And, getting even MORE many of you have been saying that over and over and over and over???

If it is your nutrition, or workouts, or a combo of the both - know that you don't need to get "back on track" and start from zero.  Just start where you left off and start NOW.  Don't wait until the weekend is over or the holidays is over - just start now.  Every moment is a fresh moment and a new opportunity to regain control.

This may sound super easy and although it makes sense - DOING it is another story.  Can I get an "amen"?   A-M-E-N.

So, why keep continuing the habit? You know you will regret it - so stop now!  I'm not saying that you can't splurge and have a cheat here or there, I'm talking about those continuous and crazy times that go beyond a splurge or a small celebration.  Make sense?

Between knowing your body and what workouts work best for you as well as having the knowledge that every moment is a fresh moment --- these, my friends, are your super powers.  *And this podcast gives you the tips and tricks and tools that you need to inform your self!  Listen HERE!

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Your friends,

 Jen & Darren Delvaux

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


As of the launch of this podcast, it is 1 week away from CHRISTMAS! Can you believe it??
So, in the spirit of this time of year - it is ALL Christmas!  Please listen for our favorite tips and sharing on making this an incredible season so you can enjoy the holiday! And share, with us, your favorite traditions below!

Tip 1:
It is what you make of it. So, let the stress go. Easier said than done, right? It's all about mindset, people. You know that it is going to be crazy and busy and prepared for it. And get ready to enjoy it - meaning, people watch. Listen to the music. Allow extra time. And slow down on your end. You can't control the craziness but you can control YOUR mindset and actions to stay calm. Allow yourself the extra time and fun so you stay sane.

Tip 2:
Create your concotions of fun and great smelling things. This is a new one for me - I am going to try this this year (minus the smelly insence stick in the bathroom -- thanks, Darren 😂). What is your favorite concotions?

Tip 3:
No fruit cake. It's just that simple.

We go on and on - offering a bunch of other productive and serious tips to help you savour this time of year and start new traditions with your loved ones.  From more candlelight to other inexpensive and fun (sometimes hilarious) tips, be sure to listen to this podcast to make your Christmas relaxed, calm, fun, and FESTIVE!

Your friends,

Jen & Darren Delvaux

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For Christmas in Hollis - watch and enjoy HERE

Monday, December 17, 2018

🎵These are a few of my favorite things🎵

Do you have that song in your head now? You know the one...from Sound of Music?  
I hope that you know my favorite things are not streusel or snowflakes on eyelashes...although that is real pretty....

Speaking of eyelashes - I kick of this episode of my favoite things with Eyelure or Lilly lashes. If you love the look of rich, luscious lashes but don't want the time consuming or expensive way of doing lash extensions  -- this is for you.  My two favorite brands are, the above mentioned, Eyelure or Lilly. For an eyelash tutorial, be sure to check out my instastories, @jendelvaux, for more tips on putting on these lashes!

In this episode, which is admittedly, geared towards females -- I share my FAVORITE and absolute GO TO products. Eyelashes, lipstick, lotion, clothing....You will learn my inside tips on the best (in my opinion!) in looking amazing, feeling amazing, and smelling amazing! 

Darren still is my trusty side kick in this episode, so be sure to listen to check it out for the husband's commentary - some singing (of course!), and hilarity.

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Your friends

Jen & Darren Delvaux

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The rollercoaster ride of marriage...and maybe a thrown shoe or two...

As much of social media is, you see the highlights of people's lives. Even in our battles with cancer and our life's journey, you see our positivity shine thru (hopefully! 😉).  BUT, we are here to tell you that our marriage, like so many others, has faced difficulties, too.

Luckily, what we went thru (and sometimes still do), the normal and gritty marriage/relationship things, are just that -- NORMAL.  And because of them, we have grown and became even closer. Let us share with you the things that we learned and how we were able to come thru the other side of things with love and happiness.  And before you do listen - know that I do NOT want to murder my husband even though I claimed to want to.  But, seriously, people -- haven't you all felt that way at one point towards your partner????  

In the midst of this podcast, thru our laughter and shoe-throwing stories (seriously...this one is a MUST listen!), we hope that you realize that marital struggles are REAL and it is absolutely common for relationships to go thru this. What may not be common, though, is being open & honest with your partner and sharing your thoughts with them. *And to be open & honest in a loving, caring way is key.

Therapy is always an awesome option. It actually is one of our favorite things to do -- we leave feeling better, sometimes a bit humbled, and it is taking a step to ensuring your love lasts. Relationships take WORK and involvement. There is no running away....even if your partner throws your shoes at you.  👟

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Hope to hear from you soon!

Jen & Darren Delvaux

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

From brain cancer to dealing with a cold....???

Apparently I can't say he's funny....but I can say he thinks TANG is healthy....?! 

Okay, seriously......we go from very serious episodes of dealing with brain cancer (which, we do deal with every day) but to talking about handling a cold!?!?!? And, I'm told that I can't say that my husband, Mr. Worldwide, is funny.  And he kickstarts this episode off by sharing how he thinks Tang is healthy!? 

What is this episode all about!?!?

In all seriousness, it is the time of year where colds start to run rampent. And, NO, Tang is not a cold remedy.  If you do flu shots - or even if you don't - what are your tips/tricks for keeping the flu at bay? I truly haven't had a cold/flu in years. I catch it if I feel a little 'off' right away and nip it in the bud naturally. With my healthy foods, my Superfood shake, my Fire Cider, working out, and water! 

I also keep my stress level low - as much as I can when we are handling brain cancer - with foot baths, saunas, and other treatments that relax my body and detox it naturally.

The immune system is complex and amazing. And it is super interesting to me how natural things can alleviate illnesses. When the sun isn't shining (welcome to Michigan!) and stress increases (helllllo holiday season), and the other factors that increase your chances of getting sick - it is important to stay on top of your health/fitness so you are not knocked down.  Listen to our tricks and tips to ward off illness this year - and let us know your thoughts! We love to hear from you! 

Your friends,

Jen and Darren Delvaux

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Houston, let there NOT be a problem...

This is a quick update - as it is a quick podcast!
If you are reading this blog for the first time, allow me to quickly introduce us!  My name is Jen Delvaux and my husband is Darren - aka: Mr. Worldwide. There are many reasons why we call him Mr. Worldwide but you can catch that on a previous blog/podcast!!! We are here TODAY to give a quick update on the status of Darren's brain cancer as we head off to the specialists at MD. Anderson in Houston, TX.

MD. Anderson is the amazing hospital where Darren received his second brain surgery - and we both absolutely agree, is the best hospital for cancer. This hospital and the Dr's performing on Darren saved his life - and we would not be here if it wasn't for their incredible care.

As you may have known, or again, if you are new, Darren's most recent scan came back with "changes" - so we are off to Houston again for appointments with his surgeons.  Darren was given only 18 months to live over 8 years ago, so we know how incredibly lucky, strong, perserverant, and amazing it is that Darren has thrived for this long. And, although we do not know what the Dr's will tell us -- prayers are always appreciated -- Darren makes this podcast a bit uncomfortable (at least for me!) as he does talk about his funeral.

This podcast - as our situation, is difficult. And as we continue to live our best life and keep a positive outlook, sometimes the realness of the situations can creep in.  We hope that you listen to this short podcast -- remembering that we keep it real 100% of the time, in both great times and serious!

You can listen HERE! And be sure to subscribe for continuous updates - and share with anyone who may benefit from listening! Or visit for more!!

Your friends,

Jen & Darren Delvaux