Tuesday, December 11, 2018

From brain cancer to dealing with a cold....???

Apparently I can't say he's funny....but I can say he thinks TANG is healthy....?! 

Okay, seriously......we go from very serious episodes of dealing with brain cancer (which, we do deal with every day) but to talking about handling a cold!?!?!? And, I'm told that I can't say that my husband, Mr. Worldwide, is funny.  And he kickstarts this episode off by sharing how he thinks Tang is healthy!? 

What is this episode all about!?!?

In all seriousness, it is the time of year where colds start to run rampent. And, NO, Tang is not a cold remedy.  If you do flu shots - or even if you don't - what are your tips/tricks for keeping the flu at bay? I truly haven't had a cold/flu in years. I catch it if I feel a little 'off' right away and nip it in the bud naturally. With my healthy foods, my Superfood shake, my Fire Cider, working out, and water! 

I also keep my stress level low - as much as I can when we are handling brain cancer - with foot baths, saunas, and other treatments that relax my body and detox it naturally.

The immune system is complex and amazing. And it is super interesting to me how natural things can alleviate illnesses. When the sun isn't shining (welcome to Michigan!) and stress increases (helllllo holiday season), and the other factors that increase your chances of getting sick - it is important to stay on top of your health/fitness so you are not knocked down.  Listen to our tricks and tips to ward off illness this year - and let us know your thoughts! We love to hear from you! 

Your friends,

Jen and Darren Delvaux

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Houston, let there NOT be a problem...

This is a quick update - as it is a quick podcast!
If you are reading this blog for the first time, allow me to quickly introduce us!  My name is Jen Delvaux and my husband is Darren - aka: Mr. Worldwide. There are many reasons why we call him Mr. Worldwide but you can catch that on a previous blog/podcast!!! We are here TODAY to give a quick update on the status of Darren's brain cancer as we head off to the specialists at MD. Anderson in Houston, TX.

MD. Anderson is the amazing hospital where Darren received his second brain surgery - and we both absolutely agree, is the best hospital for cancer. This hospital and the Dr's performing on Darren saved his life - and we would not be here if it wasn't for their incredible care.

As you may have known, or again, if you are new, Darren's most recent scan came back with "changes" - so we are off to Houston again for appointments with his surgeons.  Darren was given only 18 months to live over 8 years ago, so we know how incredibly lucky, strong, perserverant, and amazing it is that Darren has thrived for this long. And, although we do not know what the Dr's will tell us -- prayers are always appreciated -- Darren makes this podcast a bit uncomfortable (at least for me!) as he does talk about his funeral.

This podcast - as our situation, is difficult. And as we continue to live our best life and keep a positive outlook, sometimes the realness of the situations can creep in.  We hope that you listen to this short podcast -- remembering that we keep it real 100% of the time, in both great times and serious!

You can listen HERE! And be sure to subscribe for continuous updates - and share with anyone who may benefit from listening! Or visit www.jendelvaux.com for more!!

Your friends,

Jen & Darren Delvaux


Friday, November 30, 2018

Regrets SUCK.

I bet you know this, but just in case:
YES, I love fitness and have owned a health business for 9 years. And, since Darren's cancer diagnosis, I had to become the main financial provider for our family. We have had many ups and downs over the past several years but you know it all from my perspective.  So, today, let's hear it from Darren!  And I think some of his answers may surprise you --
Listen HERE to hear directly from Mr. Worldwide!!

You would think that getting a terminal brain cancer diagnosis would crush someone....and I'm not denying that we had our moments of devesitation. BUT, in today's episode Darren explains - in his own words - how his brain cancer gave us the gift to live. And that because of his diagnosis, our lives changed for the better.

There are many deep and serious questions/answered but we also cover more lighthearted moments, too.  But, all in all, it boils down to having no regrets. Right?  Life is too short & beautiful to let anything or anyone stand in your way! Cancer included. Or someone stopping you from whistling your favorite tune in the morning (listen and it'll make sense!).  Darren opens up about his fears, his thoughts about his career, memory loss, and how he handles his cancer diagnosis. And, although his cancer diagnosis is extremely serious - and he knows it - it's his lighthearted and total positive Darren way that keeps him optimistic.

I hope that the questions not only help you learn more about Darren, but US and our passion in helping others. Both in health/fitness but also in knowing our desire to see everyone live their best life. We have learned a lot in our journey and hope our story can help you if you are struggling in any area.  When you listen to these questions, I hope that you also look at YOUR life and answer the questions as they relate to you, too.

Your friends,

Jen & Darren Delvaux


Monday, November 26, 2018

What is TRANSFORM 20?

Get ready to transform your body and your mind in just 20 minutes a day. AND IT IS LIVE!! Let's DO THIS! Today is your day!

It’s you, Shaun T, and a step, 6 days a week for 6 weeks.

After 5 minutes, you’ll be breathing hard. At 10 minutes you’ll be sweating and your muscles will be burning. At 15 minutes, you’ll be watching the clock. And by minute 20, you’ll be done, exhausted, and proud of yourself.

And for the first time, Beachbody and Shaun T have created a step program that’s nothing like old-school step aerobics. Less dance and more functional, it will help you sculpt your glutes, chisel your abs, strengthen and define your upper body, and burn fat all over.

It’s hard, but that’s why it works.

Shaun T also created weekly behind-the-scenes videos featuring him and the cast as they discuss their own challenges, with the goal of motivating everyone to stay committed and strong.

The best part is you’ll be doing the program in real time with new workouts every day. No repeats, no excuses.

This is everyone getting to WORK and getting it DONE, together.

Transform :20 launches exclusively on Beachbody On Demand on April 1, 2019, with VIP Early Access starting January 14, 2019. Offers will be available on December 4, 2018.  TO JOIN and get information NOW and workouts starting NOW for this; be sure to visit here for the latest details!

Your friend and coach,

Jen Delvaux


Why diets don't work...{revisited}

Did you over do it this weekend??
I ate a little bit of everything, but I’m happy I didn’t over do itπŸ™ŒπŸ». Do you allow yourself leniency with your nutrition or does your "diet" not allow it?

We come to you with this podcast right after Thanksgiving. And, let's be real here, most times (especially Thanksgiving), we have a tendency to get a bit "off track".  Weekends and holidays really seem to throw our 'diets' off track and that can lead to anger, depression, and overall just poor feelings.

We DON'T NEED to feel this way! Not only believing that it's all or nothing is unhealthy, I believe that diets can be unhealthy, too. 


Diets can be extremely restricting and, although results may show fast and extreme - is that lifestyle the best for you?  Meaning, are you also going to be able to enjoy life's moments, or holidays, or celebrations, without undo'ing your hard work?  And, if you do get a bit off track, are you feeling okay about it or does it lead to feelings of shame and disappointment in yourself? 

I think life is too beautiful and amazing to allow those feelings creep in. And, yes, there are foods that I LOVE (helllllo popcorn!) that I will allow myself to have...and perhaps get off track with at times...without letting it negatively effective me or making me believe that I have to re-start completely over. It's all about letting that πŸ’© go and moving on.

Let's break it down...we are all different, uniquely and amazingly different, so why would one diet that works for someone also work for you?  And why, if you do get a bit off track, start to completely limit yourself in order to re-start your diet? Would you believe that you can enjoy a 80/20 rule lifestyle and feel amazingly & wonderfuly happy about it all the while being healthy!? It's a win-win in my books.

If you are interested in learning more - please take a listen to our podcast HERE. And, if you are ready to try this non-diet healthy living (both inside & out!), you should check out my VIRTUAL GYM!


Jen & Darren Delvaux

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Results from the MRI....

For those that don’t follow our Instagram stories (p.s. you should beπŸ˜‰) we just wanted to share the results from Darren’s most recent MRI on this blog. 

FIRST OF ALL.... as of my typing this, we feel better about the results. We have now met with our doctor and have a few more answers (but not all that we would hope for). I mean, of course, we would rather have no changes but, stuff like this happens when you have brain cancer. There were some changes since his previous scan 3 months ago. We, and the doctors, are not 100% if it’s tumor yet, but because of his symptoms it’s a strong possibility. So, in the next couple weeks we’re meeting with his surgeon at MD Anderson to get his opinion on everything. He may agree with our local neuro oncologist and do a repeat MRI in 6 weeks or he may want to do something sooner. We’re just waiting to hear back from him. The good news is that if it is in fact tumor regrowth were catching this super early.

We can’t control what happens, but we can control our attitudes!! So, we are remaining super positive about it all.  Thank you all again for the love and support!!!  

This podcast is part 1 of the MRI results before meeting with the Doctor. Again, we have some answers now and a plan of attack which brings us comfort and a battle plan. We hope to have almost a second opinion from his Doctor's at MD Anderson early next week. And we will keep you posted for sure! Take a listen HERE and be sure to subscribe so you can stay in the know with the results as we share!  Don't forget to visit www.jendelvaux.com for more on health/fitness, LIVING with cancer, and more!

Your friends,

Jen & Darren Delvaux

Monday, November 19, 2018

Talking with your kids about tough πŸ’© - like cancer & more

(This picture is a throwback, Drew is actually 13 now!)
I can hardly believe that this podcast marks our 20th one! We truly hope that you are enjoying them and learning a bit more about us, LIVING with cancer, marriage talk, and health/fitness tips.  But, we also hope that you are learning a bit about YOU, too. One of our goals with "Mr. Worldwide & His Bride" to start a discussion; internally and with your friends/family, about real life situations.

Speaking of real life - unfortunately, cancer is one of those real life topics that touches the majority of us. If you or a loved one is dealing with cancer - or is struggling with any other tough thing, we hope that you are able to listen to this episode and start a discussion with your kids about some of life's tough πŸ’©.  Because in this very special #20 podcast, we are interviewing our teenage kiddo; about cancer as well as growing up in today's times.  There is a lot of tough crap that kids muddle thru - but, as I talk about briefly, this time in their life (and, perhaps the tough times that you are going thru), is SHORT in the big picture. 

 I won't go too in depth about the questions that we ask; my hopes is that you listen and hear the questions answered directly by Drew. We cover a LOT of topics; from what he remembers of his dad's diagnosis (he was 4 at the time), to how well we communicated with him about the seriousness of the subject, to the loss our very special family member from the same disease, to bullying and social media. 

It is a tough world out there. For adults alone let alone trying to navigate growing up in these times. We believe in open communication, never sweating the small stuff, keeping a positive mindset, and always holding family close - even if that means sending them far away*.   What about you? What would you do different? How did you talk with your kids/loved ones about tough situations that you have gone thru?

Be sure to listen, subscribe, and SHARE. And for more on LIVING with cancer, health/fitness tips, and more, visit www.jendelvaux.com.   For our interview with Drew, exploring the world thru his eyes, listen HERE!

*"sending them far away" is a bit of a tease of an upcoming (not even released yet!) podcast. But we do talk briefly about having to send away our daughter in order to keep her close & most important, safe. Listen to learn more! πŸ€—