Tuesday, April 24, 2018

NO dieting tips to help you lose weight

NO-dieting tips to help you lose weight!
I NEVER diet... I'm just mindful of what I put into my body!!
1. Write down your weight-loss goal and WHY you want to lose weight.πŸ™‡πŸ» Put the paper somewhere where you can see it everyday.
2. Write down what you eat for 1 week! πŸ“Studies show that people who keep food diaries eat 15% less food than those who don't.
3. Get a mantra!!πŸ™‹πŸ» If you keep focusing on what you can't do, chances are you wont do them!! Replace "I can't" with "I CAN" or "I WILL"!! .
4. Bulk up your meals with veggies!πŸ†
5. Order the smallest portion of everything.🍽Studies find we tend to eat what's in front of us, even though we're full.
6. Buy a fitband and aim for an extra 1,000 steps.🚢🏼
7. Close the kitchen for 12 to 16 hours.🚫. STOP late night snacking!! Stopping this can save 300 or more calories a day, or 31 pounds a year!!
8. Eat 90% of your meals at home.🏑Restaurants serve such large portions and it's usually loaded with sodium.
9. Make one social outing this week an active one.⛹🏼 Forget the movies, go to the park instead!! Think of all the calories you won't chow down from the popcorn!!
10. Get an online weight loss buddy.πŸ‘― Having someone to hold you accountable is key!! If you don't have anyone I can help you!! Message me!!  And, join my 2B Mindset group starting soon! This focuses on the WHY behind nutrition...it's not a diet! It's a mindset shift! Message me for details!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

What is the 2B Mindset?

Do you feel like “DIETING” is a constant struggle between your desire to get the lean, healthy body you want versus eating the food that you actually enjoy?? Read on!

I am SO excited to announce that my company has developed a program called 2B Mindset, which is a weight loss program that focuses on emotional eating. It is a program that focuses first on the “WHY”, not the how of our nutrition – and focuses on those triggers that make it hard for us to lose weight ! The 2B Mindset addresses the number one issue with weight loss and weight management — food. Exercise is critical for living a healthy, functional life, but as they say, abs are made in the kitchen!

What is the 2B Mindset? First and most excitingly, there is NO counting, NO containers, and NO awkward weigh ins. And it’s a solution created by someone who has been there…a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a 100 pound weight loss herself. She created this program so she could help anyone lose weight happily and learn how to keep it off for good — and still go on living their life and enjoying the foods that they love. This system is a healthy approach to eating that lets you feel full and satisfied while arming you with proven strategies that will help you co-exist with food in real-world situations, satisfy cravings, and anticipate setbacks before they happen! This plan focuses on wholesome nutrition with no processed foods and no added sugars.

Who is this program for?

Anyone who wants to lose weight — happily — so they can keep it off for good!
Those frustrated with the deprivation of traditional diets.
People overwhelmed with all the weight-loss products/info out there.
Anyone challenged by junk-food cravings.
Those for whom other diets have not been successful in the past.

Intrigued?? I'm be doing a PRIVATE group for those that are ready to take the next step! Before then I'll be sharing in this event daily on what you can expect!! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOO Excited!!!! CLICK here to request to learn more and join!