Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Empowerment anyone?

Happy Tuesday!
Can I take a quick second to share this with you??...

I never felt like I was part of something before... Do you ever feel that way?? Becoming a coach (even though I had a TON of fears), gave me this community of people that were so positive and had such excitement for life!! 
There are so many amazing benefits to coaching... getting your health on track, motivating others, eTc.. BUT the #1 for me is my #Sisterhood family!! There's so much love, support, & laughter!! 

I've been planning out my next challenge group (which is going to be OFF THE HOOK AMAZING! Have you joined yet?? Why NOT!??!  Join here!) and it seriously brightens my day. Each challenge group is filled with the most amazing, supportive, EMPOWERING women. It's like a sisterhood of ultimate trust and accountability.  

A few tricks up my sleeve for this group:
- weekly giveaways
-weekly personal development shares/insights/book recommendations/talks
-fitness tips and tricks
-nutritional, including my favorite TOTTIE recipes!  
-motivation and support from me
-my favorite recipes and healthy insights
-mini challenges to keep us inspired and seeing results

The best part? YES, getting healthy and feeling our best is amazing, but it's truly the connecting and friendship building. It's MORE than just health. It's about supporting and encouraging others in all areas of our life.  So, if you are feeling like you need a group of ladies who always have your back, want you to be your best, need a place for support & encouragement, look no further. I can't WAIT to get to know you!


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