Friday, January 27, 2017

Wisdom for my daughter!

Who has a daughter in this crowd?  My girl is 17 but I still look at her as my little baby!  It's crazy how time flies!  As she has grown up, I have given countless advice on things but this list sums it up the best! Let me know what you would add and if you have any questions!  If you haven't already, hit me up on Facebook, I'd love to connect with you!

Wisdom for my daughter:

-Your future does not lay in front of you. It lies deep inside you. 
-Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. 
-When life becomes a roller coaster, climb into the front seat, throw your arms in the air and enjoy the ride. 
-Rise by lifting others.
-When life gets crazy, do something normal.
-And if life gets too normal, do something crazy.
-Always be nice.
-Life is about your how handle plan B.
-Practice the art of listening.
-Play with wild abandon no matter how old you get.
-Find the joy in all choices you make.
-Remember, in the end good girls always win.
-Never forget...I will love you forever, for always, and no matter what.

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