Monday, January 23, 2017

My set of daily rules - and WELCOME!

Welcome, officially!, to my new blog!  Although I have been blogging and posting for a while now, doing it 'officially' on a blog site is new with me!  I hope you enjoy the reads -- and I would love to hear from you, so never hesitate to reach out and connect.  My goals with this blog is to inspire, motivate, and SHARE with you.  I plan on posting often about LIVING with cancer; sharing about Darren's story with brain cancer and our story with it, #girlieboss tips, health/fitness motivation and tips, and recipes.  If there is a subject you are interested in, you can find me on Facebook!  I am sure that I'll sneak in information about vertigo (anyone else battle with this!??) and my skin cancer treatments, too.  I have LOTS of stuff to share so I hope you join me in this journey!!!

1.  TAKE CARE OF YOU!: It is SO important to take time for yourself. Mom’s lives can get so busy with cleaning, cooking, running errands and playing, all while trying to deal with finances, kissing boo-boos and singing songs. Do something you love EVERY day.
2. LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU’RE LAUGHING: Learn to laugh. Nothing is going to be perfect – there are going to be days where you actually just want to cry! But learn to laugh. We all make mistakes – but everything works out. I find it helpful to laugh in some of the most stressful situations.
3. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SCHEDULE: I find that my most successful days as a mom are the days I wake up early and get going quickly. Find a schedule that works for you!
4. FOCUS ON FAMILY: Family should always come first. Your spouse and your children should be your very first priority. 
5. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN…AND THAT IS OKAY: Not only is it okay, but it is a good thing! Leave the kids with your husband, mom, friend, babysitter – and have a little Girls Night Out! 
6. CREATE A HAPPY, HEALTHY HOUSE: That sign that says, “Please excuse the mess, my kids are busy making memories.” I LOVE that! Although it is so important to have a clean house, I am a big believer in creating a happy house too.
7. DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE JONESES: Always remember we don’t see EVERYTHING. Just because someone’s life looks flawless on Facebook, doesn’t mean that is truly how it is. Everyone has trials. Everyone has bad days. Stop comparing and just do your best.
8. CALL FOR HELP: I have learned that it is okay to ask for help. In fact, we can’t do it alone. If you don’t have a husband to call – call your mom, call a friend, call a neighbor. We all need support. 
9. LEARN HOW TO SAY “NO”: This is a hard one for me, but I am slowly learning how to say it. I can’t help with everything and be the best Mom to my family. 
10. DO WHAT YOU CAN DO, IN THE BEST WAY YOU KNOW: Lastly, just do your very best! No one is perfect!

And remember;
Be crazy.
Be stupid.πŸ€“
Be silly.😝

Be weird.🀠

Be whatever.πŸ€—

Because life is to short to be anything but happy!πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Which of the habits above are you going to incorporate into your daily routine? Share below!

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