Friday, January 20, 2017

Strength Training Tips

Strength Training is vital for everyone; including women!  It will not bulk you up — but it WILL increase your calorie burn all day!  If you are new to strength training or have been doing it for a while, check out these tips to decrease injury chances and increase calorie burn!  As always, be sure to connect with me on Facebook if you have any questions!

❤️ lifting!! My favorite part of the workout is when I get to lift!!! Don’t get me wrong, cardio is great but nothing makes me feel more amazing than lifting…you with me? Are you scared to lift or don’t know how? Try these 7 tips for weightlifting!

1. Start small. Don’t grab a heavy weight just to lift it. Start small enough where you don’t hurt yourself but yet are struggling at the end of 10 reps.
2. Ask an expert. Don’t know how to use a machine or what moves are best for your triceps? Find an expert or a knowledgeable source and go over proper form and technique.
3. Listen to your body. You should be feeling a burn in the muscle area that you are targeting after many reps. If not, you may not be properly doing it or lifting enough. Or, if your body is screaming in pain, you may have injured yourself!
4. Work your way up. Start small but build. Every week you should gradually increase the weight in order to see max results. Lifting heavy is a relative term but is also the KEY to success!
5. Don’t be boring. Don’t always lift your muscles the same way to the same rhythm. Try temp training (to the beat of music: fast, fast then slow, or any unique way). Change up different moves that target the same area, too.
6. Stick with it. Like most things, seeing results take time! Don’t quit after a week if you see no change.
7. Rest! Allow your muscles to heal after you work them. Ideally, two days between each body part. If you did legs today – do arms tomorrow, then core the following. Then, get back to your legs.

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