Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Update on Darren #BrainCancer

Unfortunately we all go through some difficult times in our life...from cancer diagnosis to struggles in relationships to financial hardships -- difficult times happen.  As you may know, Darren was diagnosed in 2011 with brain cancer. His positive attitude has helped us both BIG time in this hardship. His recent MRI did show changes and we are facing another branch of difficulties with this news. We know that we are not alone in hardships - and we hope that you, too, know that YOU are not alone in your struggles (whatever they may be). 

Our goal is that in this podcast, we not only share our story a bit, but hope that our favorite tips can inspire YOU to stay sane.

FYI, we’ll be heading out (at the time this is being typed) TODAY to MD Anderson. They will be doing a bunch of crazy testing on Wednesday and Thursday. Brain surgery is schedule for Friday, March 1st, in the brain suite. Which is a massive surgical room with an MRI In it. They are planning on an awake surgery, which means that during the 4 to 6 hour surgery, they will wake him up for a few hours to talk to him and ask questions to make sure they’re not hitting any critical areas. As always he’s remaining so positive!! 

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Your friends & coaches,

Jen Delvaux


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