Monday, February 11, 2019

ADHD & my daughter: All you need to know!

If you could see what I see when I look at you,
You'd definitely love you, too.
You would hold your head up high,
For you possess beauty that no one can deny.

If you could see what I see when I look at you,
There's no way you'd be so down and blue.
You wouldn't be able to contain your smiles,
For your charm goes on for miles and miles.

If you could see what I see when I look at you,
You'd know there's nothing you can't do.
You'd do things without fear you'll fail,
For you've got many talents yet to unveil.

Please try to see what I see when I look at you.
You will feel refreshed and new.
All the anger, shame, and insecurities will just go.
I promise BABY GIRL, you are too good to ever hang your head low.

Know someone who has ADHD? πŸ™‹
Trust me, it can be tough figuring out how to deal! 
As many of you know, I have a daughter (now in college...crazy how time flies!!)! Maddie is absolutely amazing and we have been thru a lot.  I mean, A LOT.  I've always been open about our journey and our struggles - along with our triumphs and successes! - but it is has been a JOURNEY.  With everything we have been thru, I learned more and more about how Maddie's ADHD has influenced her and her decisions.  When we received the official diagnosis - it was almost like a sigh of relief - to know that her decisions and actions came from how she processes/thinks about things.  Once we had that diagnosis, we were able to really STUDY and LEARN about how her brain works and how we can work thru things.  The diagnosis gave us direction and a plan on how to work together.  

Although we always knew she had ADHD, once we made the decision to go to the Amen clinic (more in my podcast), and receive an intense, consice, and clear diagnosis - it was then that we discovered that we had the tools and ability to help Maddie best. Dr. Amen and his clinic helped make it clear that we as parents needed to learn how to invest our time with her in the best and healthiest way possible. 
A few simple tips to keep in mind as you work thru your ADHD or someone you know with ADHD:

πŸ’‘ It ain't easy! Be kind to yourself and try not to compare to other parents or kids.
πŸ’‘ It's not their fault. Understand there is a real, physical difference in their brain activity.
πŸ’‘Stay calm. Don't fight back, don't engage in heightened situations.
πŸ’‘They thrive on structure.
πŸ’‘Love on them, and catch your kid throughout the day in the GOOD!
Check out this podcast for full details on what life is like for our family and how to make the very best of it!!  And don't forget to connect with me on Facebook for #girlieboss fun, health/fitness, LIVING with cancer and so much more!

Your friend & coach,

Jen Delvaux


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