Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sisters from another mister!

Do you have a bestie who just gets you? And I mean, really deep down understand who you are at your very core?
Please meet Mindy Lawhorn - she is my sister from another mister. We may physically live far apart but emotionally, she is my next door neighbor. We met thru our love of fitness but as we spent time together - we quickly realized how parallel our lives are. 
Listen, if you are like me -- the older I get, the less tolerance I have for bullshit and drama. I just don’t have the time or energy for it. When it comes to making new friends, I appreciate full-transparency from the get-go. Things get complicated when you try to present yourself as something you aren’t. It all comes out eventually, so don’t try to pretend. People will love you for you, and if they don’t, those aren’t your people.
If  adulthood and my life's journey has taught me anything, it’s that we already have enough to worry about. Trying to navigate a complex friendship is just not something I’m interested in, because literally everything else is more important than your drama, Linda. And also, friendships shouldn’t be complex or require navigation in the first place. If they do, you are probably forcing something that isn’t meant to be.
True friends fit into your life with ease. They are like family, really. If there are unintentional upsets or hurt feelings, you work through them and move on. My closest friends are like sisters - we don’t expect perfection from each other, because no one is perfect. We allow grace for one another, and we apologize when we need to.
My close friends are sassy and sarcastic, and OMG, do they make me laugh! That’s our thing—we like to laugh, and we don’t do drama. 
So what is my life journey that is so parallel with Mindy?  Well, both our husbands have cancer - and they married us as single mom's & they loved our children from the beginning.  We are both going thru quite a bit right now with our husband's cancer journey but  we both chose to never quit, to never stop praying, to keep laughing and to not let this season of life distract us from all the good. 
We just did a podcast on our drama-free friendship - and why that is so important. We dive deeper into our husband's bromance & their cancer, and how our lives are intertwined. Take a listen HERE.
Your friend and coach,
Jen Delvaux

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