Monday, November 19, 2018

Talking with your kids about tough πŸ’© - like cancer & more

(This picture is a throwback, Drew is actually 13 now!)
I can hardly believe that this podcast marks our 20th one! We truly hope that you are enjoying them and learning a bit more about us, LIVING with cancer, marriage talk, and health/fitness tips.  But, we also hope that you are learning a bit about YOU, too. One of our goals with "Mr. Worldwide & His Bride" to start a discussion; internally and with your friends/family, about real life situations.

Speaking of real life - unfortunately, cancer is one of those real life topics that touches the majority of us. If you or a loved one is dealing with cancer - or is struggling with any other tough thing, we hope that you are able to listen to this episode and start a discussion with your kids about some of life's tough πŸ’©.  Because in this very special #20 podcast, we are interviewing our teenage kiddo; about cancer as well as growing up in today's times.  There is a lot of tough crap that kids muddle thru - but, as I talk about briefly, this time in their life (and, perhaps the tough times that you are going thru), is SHORT in the big picture. 

 I won't go too in depth about the questions that we ask; my hopes is that you listen and hear the questions answered directly by Drew. We cover a LOT of topics; from what he remembers of his dad's diagnosis (he was 4 at the time), to how well we communicated with him about the seriousness of the subject, to the loss our very special family member from the same disease, to bullying and social media. 

It is a tough world out there. For adults alone let alone trying to navigate growing up in these times. We believe in open communication, never sweating the small stuff, keeping a positive mindset, and always holding family close - even if that means sending them far away*.   What about you? What would you do different? How did you talk with your kids/loved ones about tough situations that you have gone thru?

Be sure to listen, subscribe, and SHARE. And for more on LIVING with cancer, health/fitness tips, and more, visit   For our interview with Drew, exploring the world thru his eyes, listen HERE!

*"sending them far away" is a bit of a tease of an upcoming (not even released yet!) podcast. But we do talk briefly about having to send away our daughter in order to keep her close & most important, safe. Listen to learn more! πŸ€—

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