Friday, November 30, 2018

Regrets SUCK.

I bet you know this, but just in case:
YES, I love fitness and have owned a health business for 9 years. And, since Darren's cancer diagnosis, I had to become the main financial provider for our family. We have had many ups and downs over the past several years but you know it all from my perspective.  So, today, let's hear it from Darren!  And I think some of his answers may surprise you --
Listen HERE to hear directly from Mr. Worldwide!!

You would think that getting a terminal brain cancer diagnosis would crush someone....and I'm not denying that we had our moments of devesitation. BUT, in today's episode Darren explains - in his own words - how his brain cancer gave us the gift to live. And that because of his diagnosis, our lives changed for the better.

There are many deep and serious questions/answered but we also cover more lighthearted moments, too.  But, all in all, it boils down to having no regrets. Right?  Life is too short & beautiful to let anything or anyone stand in your way! Cancer included. Or someone stopping you from whistling your favorite tune in the morning (listen and it'll make sense!).  Darren opens up about his fears, his thoughts about his career, memory loss, and how he handles his cancer diagnosis. And, although his cancer diagnosis is extremely serious - and he knows it - it's his lighthearted and total positive Darren way that keeps him optimistic.

I hope that the questions not only help you learn more about Darren, but US and our passion in helping others. Both in health/fitness but also in knowing our desire to see everyone live their best life. We have learned a lot in our journey and hope our story can help you if you are struggling in any area.  When you listen to these questions, I hope that you also look at YOUR life and answer the questions as they relate to you, too.

Your friends,

Jen & Darren Delvaux

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