Monday, November 12, 2018

How brain cancer made my husband look like Pitbull...

Why you think they call me, Mr. Worldwide?
Let's show 'em why they call me Mr. Worldwide 
Why you think they call me, Mr. Worldwide?
Let's show 'em why they call me Mr. Worldwide 
Hold up 'cause I am worldwide

Halloween 2017


You know who Pitbull is, right?  Or Mr. Worldwide as Pitbull calls himself? Listen, I'm not saying my husband IS Pitbull but, let's be real...there is quite the similiarity in looks between them.  We will let you be the judge of it - take a look at the picture and tell us if you see it?? BUT, before you do, you have to hear how this all came about:

Birthdays are a celebration, right? Who doesn't look forward to their birthday?!  Cake, time with friends and family, gifts, and celebrations!  It's another trip around the's spending time with loved ones, reflecting upon your life and relishing the opportunity for more fun & memories ahead!  Well, that was me...I used to LOVE my birthday!  Until, however, one fateful birthday changed that for me. It was my birthday, September 19th 2009 that changed my perspectives on this celebration.  It was this day that Darren, my husband, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Our story, and our journey, with brain cancer has come a long way over the years since that diagnosis. And, thankfully, I've had many less life-altering birthdays since that one several years ago. But, our story and our journey thru this diagnosis has been a wild one.  Believe me, we have many, many stories and many, many ups & downs since he was diagnosed. But, it is his positive attitude that makes this cancer diagnosis even remotely bearable. 

So what does this have to do with Darren looking like Mr. Worldwide?  Well, since the diagnosis, Darren has shaved his head (Stage 1 of Mr. Worldwide transformation complete) and is LIVING his life like Mr. Worldwide. I'm not saying it's been champagne wishes and caviar dreams (...oh wait, that's Robin Leach....not PitBull), but living life to the FULLEST and embracing his inner rockstar has absolutely helped channel Darren's inner Mr. Worldwide, too.  And the fact that he sings incessentaly, knows every song lyric (of any artist) by heart, and rocks the Hugo Boss sunglasses better than anyone I know.

To hear about Darren's diagnosis, what made him buy those Hugo Boss sunglasses, and more about his transformation to Mr. Worldwide, please check out our podcast; Mr. Worldwide & His Bride available on iTunes. You can click HERE to listen! It is episode 1 of our series and can't wait to share more on his cancer diagnosis, how he is LIVING with cancer, parenting tips, marriage advice, and insights on running your own business. With brain cancer, a teenage daughter, young son, and working from home - we have juggled it all & been thru it all.  Join us as we share our tips and tricks on managing it all PLUS living life like --- you guessed it -- Mr. Worldwide and His Bride. 

P.S. And be sure to let us know your decision; does he look like Pitbull? Yea or nah? And when you vote, be sure to introduce yourself and share a little about you!

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