Thursday, May 9, 2019

Tips to drink more water!

How much water are you drinking a day?? Water is SO important to your body especially for my health/fitness people!! 
Not only does it aid in weight loss but it can actually boost your performance during exercise! Scientists have proposed that consuming more water will actually enhance your performance during strenuous activity -- allowing for greater performance (and, therefore, greater rewards!). On the flip side, obviously, is that dehydration can hinder your workout!  
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Here are 7 ways to drink more water!!

1. Use a straw - drink environmentally friendly and use metal/reusable ones!
2. Buy a pretty water bottle - Starbucks always has fun ones!
3. Set an alarm every hour
4. Spice it up with fruit 
5. Drink 1 cup before every meal
6. Have water before your morning coffee
7. Compete with a friend
Your friend & coach,

Jen Delvaux

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