Thursday, May 2, 2019

Meal Prep 101: Breaking down the HOW and learning the WHY

You got your workout in, and crushed it, then flew to work, picked up the kids, ran errands, what-have-you…then finally arrived home for dinner. You have an hour to throw down some food before flying off to team sports, an evening meeting, or maybe finally have some downtime yourself.
So…what sounds best? To grab a meal that is already planned for and prepared for — which is, an added BIG time bonus, within your nutritional game plan -OR- hunt thru your cupboards and make the first thing that is easiest/quickest and probably not the healthiest?
I know which one I want!
You hear repeatedly that preparation is key to success. And that you can’t out exercise a poor diet. Both are incredibly true. Let me help you break down the daunting idea of meal preparation with you! It’s truly super simple and can make a HUGE difference in your physical transformation as well as your mental sanity!!!
Fill out this form and I will give you my tips/tricks on simplifying this concept and making it part of your weekly SUCCESS!

Your friend and coach, 

Jen Delvaux 

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