Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Summer time and creating healthy habits...

Can you believe Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching? As much as I am NOT a fan of the cold weather, and as many snow days we experienced in Michigan (ummm...15 days if not more), this winter seemed to have FLOWN by!

Well, Memorial weekend is the unofficial start of summer around here. Which means, shorts, tanks, swim suits, and time to finally thaw out! You ready!???  I am ready to thaw out, but this fast winter - was also a very cold winter (-25 windshields!), and the extra layer of fluff is lingering...

The BIGGEST struggle for those tying to lose weight usually is nutrition. Can you relate?? And hear me loud and clear; you can NOT out exercise a bad diet. Nutrition is the most important part of weight loss!

Listen, I did it wrong for years - so I get it! I used to go home after a workout and treat myself to a piece of pizza. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. BUT guess what?? We can even over do it on healthy foods -- watching your portion size is KEY!

So, for those who decide to join my EMPOWER NATION virtual gym, you will be getting the tips and tricks that I have been implementing to help boost my metabolism.  Sound good!???  I know that I'm ready to rock summer!

P.S. This group WILL fill up, so don't wait! Message me or comment below if you want in!! 
I'm not letting summer start without getting a headstart on my metabolism and nutrition -- I'm ready to crush Memorial Weekend festivities feeling my best! You too? And I'm going to make these habits last so that I'm ready for 4th of July, summer weddings, and all the fun summer activities already planned!

Your friend & coach,

Jen Delvaux


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