Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Top 6 Intermittent Fasting mistakes!

 6 Top Intermittent Fasting Mistakes πŸ‘‡πŸ»
πŸ’’Mistake #1
Making drastic changes! If you normally eat every 2 to 3 hours and then suddenly shrink your eating window to an 8 hour window, you’ll feel hungry all the time and dis outraged. Instead, go slow and gradually stretch out the number of hours you go fasted.
πŸ’’Mistake #2
Overeating when your fast ends. The way to fix this is plan ahead. Prepare a healthy meal that’s ready when your eating window begins.
πŸ’’Mistake #3
Drinking the wrong liquids. Most people drink water, black coffee or tea while fasting. If you’re adding cream or sugar to your coffee you’re breaking your fast.
πŸ’’Mistake #4
Relying on unhealthy foods. IF focuses on when you eat, but it’s also super important to be eating healthy foods during your eating window. If you’re eating processed food in lieu of Whole Foods that comprise a well balanced diet, IF wont help you reach your health goals.
πŸ’’Mistake #5
Being sedentary. If you’ve always had a preworkout snack, exercising while fasting may seem foreign!! It did to me in the beginning! BUT your body has plenty of energy stored in your body fat to use when there’s no food.
πŸ’’Mistake #6
Letting fasting rule your life. You might be inclined to opt out of dinner with friends or say no to parties because your fasting... Intermittent fasting can be flexible! You can move your hours around OR don’t stress about it!! Your metabolism likes a little change every once in awhile anyway!! We have one life!! Do the things that bring you joy.

Are you an Intermittent Faster? What struggles (or successes) do you have? Message me today!

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