Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The importance of nutrition for cancer prevention & treatment!

Today we are taking a deep dive into nutrition for cancer prevention.  The food you eat, and how it is prepared, can give you an immense advantage to battling cancer.  

So today we’re sharing:
  • What foods to stay away from and WHY.
  • How preparing your food can have a substantial effect.
  • What to eat to not only prevent and beat cancer but to feel better!
  • Different diets and how to customize them to you so they actually work.
 If you are fighting cancer or are simply wanting to 'be in the know' when it comes to your nutrition & keeping yourself as healthy as possible, this episode is for you! Listen HERE! And, as always, I'd love to connect with you - if you haven't already, find me on Facebook for all things marriage, LIVING with cancer, fitness, Intermittent Fasting, and more!
Your friend & coach,
Jen Delvaux

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