Thursday, December 13, 2018

The rollercoaster ride of marriage...and maybe a thrown shoe or two...

As much of social media is, you see the highlights of people's lives. Even in our battles with cancer and our life's journey, you see our positivity shine thru (hopefully! 😉).  BUT, we are here to tell you that our marriage, like so many others, has faced difficulties, too.

Luckily, what we went thru (and sometimes still do), the normal and gritty marriage/relationship things, are just that -- NORMAL.  And because of them, we have grown and became even closer. Let us share with you the things that we learned and how we were able to come thru the other side of things with love and happiness.  And before you do listen - know that I do NOT want to murder my husband even though I claimed to want to.  But, seriously, people -- haven't you all felt that way at one point towards your partner????  

In the midst of this podcast, thru our laughter and shoe-throwing stories (seriously...this one is a MUST listen!), we hope that you realize that marital struggles are REAL and it is absolutely common for relationships to go thru this. What may not be common, though, is being open & honest with your partner and sharing your thoughts with them. *And to be open & honest in a loving, caring way is key.

Therapy is always an awesome option. It actually is one of our favorite things to do -- we leave feeling better, sometimes a bit humbled, and it is taking a step to ensuring your love lasts. Relationships take WORK and involvement. There is no running away....even if your partner throws your shoes at you.  👟

You can listen to this podcast HERE - and be sure to subscribe and share.  Or, if you have questions or a story of your own about marriage, cancer, relationships - please let us know! We'd love to answer your questions or showcase YOU on our next podcast! Please drop us a message below👇🏻:
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Hope to hear from you soon!

Jen & Darren Delvaux

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