Tuesday, July 23, 2019

{get ready to laugh} Darren's top brain fails...

Laughter is the best medicine. What is better than an all out belly laugh? Although cancer is NOT funny and absolutely no laughing matter, there are things you have to simply laugh at.  That's not to say that there are times of frustration but we firmly believe that finding the joy in situations comes in many forms!!! 

We are sharing Darren's top brain fails with you - and we truly hope you listen so you can hear them direct from Darren's side/perspective! I promise you will be laughing along with us!!  

1. Toilets are not the only thing for peeing.   You read that right.  We are talking peeing in something other than the toilet.  One would think that no matter how bad chemo brain is, one would never forget which bathroom fixture to urinate in.  EVEN - or ESPECIALLY - after having to aggressively jump up onto the counter to use it. Where do you think Darren was trying to go???

2. This one isn't as embarrassing as it is dangerous. And, it's happened at least 10 times. Have you tried brushing your teeth with a razor?!?!  Need I say more? Listen to hear how this comes into rotation several times....

3. Darren is not a thief but, unfortunately, he has several times left grocery stores -- full cart -- without paying. One would think he would be on their security cameras or on the Most Wanted List. *He may be on Target's list for sure.

4. Let's go back to #1. Bathrooms are just difficult for Darren...and apparently Forest Hills Foods is a reoccurring incidence. So, locals, if you grocery shop there, just be warned you may have a visit from Darren. The best part? Darren gets mad at the women!! You have to listen to this story!!!!!

5. Stranger Danger. Running into people or standing a bit too close to strangers is Darren's M-O. He isn't a close-talker on purpose, he literally doesn't have vision in part of his eyesight! We apologize to everyone he may has plowed down or stood a *little* too close to!  

6. Darren leaves things everywhere. Thankfully Egypt Valley knows him and know he leaves his stuff in locker rooms, sand traps, etc. 

7. How do you take your medicine?  You put the pills in your mouth and you grab the water to wash it down....so do you drink water or chuck it in your face?  Drinking it seems like the logical choice but when you have short term memory issues, you try to make anything work. 

8. Short term memory issues, chemo brain, brain cancer, and beers....this is not a formula for success. I trust Darren's friends but, again, not when you throw in all the above items. Listen to hear how Darren navigated Detroit ALONE after a Tiger's game. 

This is a fun and light-hearted episode and we truly hope you take the time to listen! Again, as serious and gross as cancer is, I hope that you listen and share in our stories. We strive to look beyond the diagnosis and LIVE with everything we are facing. Are you struggling with something? We hope that you can search out and find the joy that is in your life...hold onto it and embrace it. Let the joy rise and be bigger than whatever you are facing. Don't let the ๐Ÿ’ฉ win.  Listen HERE.

Your friends

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