Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Summer's here...you ready for it?

Memorial Day has passed us and we are *officially* in the start of summer! Are you ready for it!? Short shorts, tank tops, BATHING SUIT!???!  I firmly believe everyone can absolutely CRUSH whatever wardrobe they are wearing, but I also firmly believe everyone should be able to feel their absolute BEST when doing so. You with me?
Listen, summer time usually means grill outs, celebrations, parties, and extra fun festivities…and it is all FUN! But, these celebrations can absolutely wreck havoc on our bodies and our systems. 
No matter where you are in your health/fitness journey, if you are looking to lose a few lbs or are just wanting to maintain.  Or, perhaps you are just *feeling* the effects of too many totties, burgers, and fun.  Well, this nutrition system is for you! When most people are ready to detox & cleanse their body, they choose a liquid diet…ugh! No thanks. With this system, you will eat food and detoxify your body, helping you shed unwanted pounds & leave you feeling amazing. All in only 3 days.
How is that even possible, right? With liquid diets, you can actually slower your metabolism -- and typically the drinks are higher in sugar/lower in protein. You are left feeling sluggish and you usually end up gaining the weight you lost - and then some.  That doesn't seem like anything I would want.  Plus, I LOVE to eat. 
Fill this form out and get ready to learn the HOWS & WHYS this is possible! No strings attached!
Your friend & coach,

Jen Delvaux

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