Monday, June 10, 2019

Meatless Monday - and special invite!

You hear about Meatless Monday and maybe even do it every once and awhile.
But did you know ALL the incredible benefits of going meatless just one day a week? πŸ—πŸ–
Read on!

πŸ—1. Meatless Monday can help you live longer

Studies show that eating more plant-based foods and less red meat can increase longevity.
You don’t have to adopt a strict vegetarian diet to reap the benefits of a plant-based diet: cutting back on
meat just one day a week can bring about the health benefits to help you live longer.

🌭2. Meatless Monday sets you up for a successful and healthy week

The beginning of the workweek sets the tone for the rest of your week.
A positive, healthy habit like Meatless Monday sets you on the right track to make better health
decisions throughout the rest of the week, so come Thursday you might reach for a granola bar
instead of a chocolate bar.

πŸ”3. It is good for your heart

Cutting back on meat decreases your risk of heart disease, can lower cholesterol, and can
decrease blood pressure. Studies have found that vegetarians have a 32% lower risk of dying
from coronary heart disease than omnivores.

πŸ—4. It decreases your environmental footprint

Switching out meat for plant-based foods means less water and energy is required to produce your
food, and fewer greenhouse gases are expelled during production. It takes a whopping 1,800 gallons of
water to produce one pound of beef compared to just 108 gallons for a pound of corn. Raising livestock is
so resource-intensive because of how much corn, soy, and other feed must be grown to feed the animal.
The resource footprint of a cow or pig includes all of the water, land, and energy required to grow the food
that the animal eats, so it is significantly higher than the resource footprint of plants.

πŸ”5. It’s easy and delicious

Meatless meals don’t have to be boring or time-intensive. Thanks to the internet thousands of easy,
delicious, and free vegetarian recipes are available at your fingertips to help make your Meatless Monday
meals the most delicious meals of your week. Dishes that do not normally include meat – like enchiladas,
pasta dishes, or soup – are great for starting out. Protein-rich foods like beans, lentils, and tofu can easily
replace meat in traditional dishes like stir-fries, tacos, and casseroles.

🌭6. It can help you lose weight

Eating more fiber-rich plants lowers your risk of obesity, and meals that don’t feature meat tend to focus
more on vegetables, grains, and fruits. Meatless diets also tend to be lower in fat, particularly saturated fat,
and reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes.

πŸ–7. It can help you out of a food rut

Shopping, meal planning, and cooking are time intensive, so it’s easy to eat the same meals over and
over again until they become boring. Adopting a challenge like Meatless Monday encourages you to
branch out and experiment with new recipes and ingredients, bringing new life to your kitchen.

πŸ—8. It can save you money

Meat tends to be more expensive than fruits, vegetables, and grains. Cutting out meat for just a few
meals a week gives you more money to spend on healthy foods!

What do you think???? Would you be in to going one day a week without meat? There are plenty of other
options and varieties for why not? Want to kickstart your health journey or try this #Meatless
idea?? Join my FREE 3-Day SNOOP GROUP to detox and kickstart your nutrition without meat!
Fill this out today!
Your friend & coach,

Jen Delvaux

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