Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How to survive when your child leaves for college...and so much more!

I can NOT even believe that today is the day that we drop this beautiful girl off for college.... I woke up at 4:30am with my mind racing!! So of course I googled “how to survive when your child leaves for college” and I actually got a ton of great tips for me... BUT loved these words of wisdom for her as she embarks on this next big adventure! I also think these tips are true for all my #girlieboss ladies in all stages of their lives!

❤️ Believe you are capable of SO much more than you think possible.
❤️Follow your passion... ALWAYS.
❤️Let no one tell you you can’t achieve your dreams.
❤️Surround yourself with great girlfriends, those who encourage and inspire you.
❤️Love with all your heart... remember it’s a muscle, it doesn’t break, it just gets bruised and bruises fade with time.
❤️Manage your finances well.
❤️Learn to enjoy your own company.
❤️Never stop learning... new skills, new ways of thinking...
❤️Trust your intuition always. If it feels right do it, if you have any doubt... Don’t.
❤️Do not ever go out alone at night!!! Always have someone else there with you.
❤️I’m ALWAYS a phone call away.

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