Monday, July 10, 2017

Try this grilled SaLaD -- and why grilling is so beneficial!

I love salads, I love avocado, and I love grilling. This is the trifecta of all of all three! - chopped avocado, grilled chicken, grilled pineapple (so good!), and tomatoes (should have grilled those, time!), and anything else over your favorite greens!  For more recipes like this, accountability in your health, and information on Intermittent Fasting, be sure to message me today!!!

Why do I love grilling (especially my chicken for the week) so much? Read below about the benefits of cooking your meat, veggies, AND fruit (try it!):

1. Gets More Nutrients into Your Body Where They Belong – Grilling vegetables cooks away less of the vitamins & nutrients than other cooking methods, like boiling. Next to eating them FRESH, “grilled” is one of the best ways to eat veggies.

2. Naturally Adds Flavor – The heat of the grill makes the natural sugars in vegetables caramelize, which gives veggies an entirely different flavor than when eaten fresh, steamed or boiled. You probably won't even need dressing because the natural flavor is enough!

3. Variety – You can easily mix veggies with each other, or with your favorite lean meats, seafood, and fruits. The possibilities are endless!

4. No added fats - When you grill meat, it doesn't require much - if any - added oil or fat. It cooks in its own juices and flavors that enhance the flavor even more!

5. Picky Eaters Eat More Vegetables – Grilled veggies taste different and can be easily seasoned with herbs and spices to make their taste more appealing to even the finickiest eater. So this may be the one way your picky eater will add in veggies to their diet!

6. It’s Fun! – Grilling gets you outside for some fresh air and Vitamin D! Whether dinner with the family or a get-together with friends, grilling has a way of getting us outside where we enjoy the fresh air! Who couldn’t use more of that?

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