Thursday, January 11, 2018

Are you ready??

This post is NOT easy to share. I struggled with sharing it. However, if this can inspire just one person who can benefit from it, then it is worth it. YES, this is my weekly pay. My husband and I have worked SO hard to build this business, especially as he is fighting (and WINNING) brain cancer. Truthfully, I never thought that this would be possible. When I first signed up to coach, initially for the discount only, I couldn’t even imagine the potential financial benefits…I was concentrating on getting healthy and starting my own health journey. I didn’t think about the financial aspect of this opportunity, I was simply working on bettering myself.
SO, as nervous and uncomfortable as I am to share this, I knew that I HAD to. WHY? 
Because people who could benefit from this are skeptical (like I once was), because they don’t understand it. They assume it’s NOT possible to build a big business, or that in order to be successful you have to be “at the top” (a very common misconception) or that you have to start with a transformation story (I transformed AFTER becoming a Coach just enrolling for discounts initially), or that you need to have a bunch of followers (I wasn’t active on social media but I built it) or that you need to be a personal trainer (this is about accountability support for others, not personal training). 
It’s not a business for everyone, but so many are missing out due to limiting beliefs or misconceptions. Until I stop hearing about amazing talented people working too many hours, seeing their places of employment more than their spouses & kids, praying they can pay their mortgage, etc, I’m going to keep making it known there’s hope and choices. This path is HARD as any business is, but it puts your own health at the forefront so you can inspire others. If you’re intrigued, message me today!  My next sneak peek is TOMORROW and I would love to have you!
*BB does not guarantee any level of income or success with this opportunity. Each coaches success depends on his her own efforts, skill, and diligence.

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